Day 153 – Fiji Gold – 2.06.2011

As mentioned a couple of days ago, it was about this time two years ago that I was in Fiji on honeymoon. There is only commercial brewery in Fiji which is actually owned by the Australian Carlton & United Breweries. From this brewery comes 3 beers, including the previously profiled Fiji Bitter, and today’s drop, Fiji Gold.

I much preferred Fiji Gold as it felt more like a) the kind of beer you have in a beach resort setting and b) bettered suit the cuisine on offer. 

Fiji Gold was a lighter beer in appearance, body and alcohol content. Unsurprisingly it didn’t have the strong bitterness of it’s bigger brother and consequently, it was a much smoother beer to drink. A dry finish rounds out what is a refreshing lager.

Fiji Gold is actually the kind of (rather characterless) beer I would normally turn my nose at., but when on tropical island holiday, a low-key beer that goes down easily is just thing you are after. It’s one of those cases where the setting just as much as the drink itself, makes the experience an enjoyable one.

It’s not the world’s most interesting beer, but on a weeks holiday in Fiji you will definitely enjoy a few cans of Fiji Gold – I certaintly did.

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